My Picks for the 2017 CrossFit Games

Here are my picks

Individual Mens

1st – Josh Bridges

josh bridges murph

2nd – Mat Fraser


3rd – Noah Ohlsen


Individual Womens

1st – Sara Sigmundsdottir


2nd – Sam Briggs


3rd – Katrin Davidsdottir



1st – Mayhem


2nd – Norcal


3rd – Invictus


My full CrossFit Games Pickem chart:

crossfitgames pickemI have to root for my man Josh Bridges. He has long been one my favorite individual competitor and I want to see a Spec Ops win "Fittest on Earth". I think it's going to be extremely tough to be Fraser, but I think it's possible. If someone beats Fraser, it won't be by much. Coming in 3rd is Noah Ohlsen, who in his rookie year was leading over Rich Froning going into day 2, but that quickly changed. I think he has what it takes to be on the podium.

For the women, I think Tia drops off the podium and Sam Briggs take her place as 2nd. It was tough to pick the women, as it always is, but I think Sara & Katrin will switch places this year. Currently Sara is ranked #1 and she has proven she has what it takes.

I don't know much about teams, and even after Froning & Khalipa went teams I really didn't get into it much, other than watching them. This year it doesn't look like Khalipa is competing but I still think Mayhem will take 1st, Norcal will take 2nd, and the powerhouse Invictus will take 3rd.

What about you? Make your picks at


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