Top Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10.1.1 Working on IPhone 7

I decided to make a compilation of the tweaks I am currently using on my iPhone 7 with iOS 10.1.1 as sort of a living documentation of what’s working and what I like most. Below is my compete list of tweaks. Not all tweaks are installed on my device, but the majority of them are.

It took me a while but I finally managed to get the jailbreak working on the iPhone 7, although thankfully I was on 10.1.1, as this is the only iOS the iPhone 7 can even attempt a jailbreak.

Get the Jailbreak:

For iPhone 7 users, extra_recipe will be the source of your jailbreak. For everyone else, Yalu should work with iOS 10.2. This is not a “How to Jailbreak” post. If you want to learn how to do that, visit Brandon’s Youtube page here.

Drag and drop the ipsw to Cydia Impactor while your phone is plugged into your computer. It seems to work best after putting your phone into airplane mode, at least for me. Open extra_recipe and tap go. Sometimes it will fail, just close out the app and try again. If you are getting a lot of fails, try turning off your phone and turning it back on before attempting again. Once it’s jailbroken, it will say “jailbroken” and restart the springboard. Then you are g2g. In the case that you get stuck in this stage, do a hard restart and try again. (That has only happened a few times)

Favorite Tweaks

This is an ever-changing list of tweaks and not considered to be everything on my phone.

Visual Customization

  • Anemone – Add themes to your device (Current favorite themes: Milkshake, Lotus)
  • Cylinder – Adds tons of page transitions to your apps while swiping through the home screen
  • BetterFiveColumnHomescreen – Allow 5 columns of apps instead of
  • BetterFiveIconDock – Allow 5 apps to be in the dock. Works well with BetterFiveColumnHomescreen
  • Lithium Ion (Repo – – Customize the look of your battery icon (Cannot hide on the lock screen)
  • SpringPlus (Repo – – a Springtomize alternative that allows you customize a ton of features. *Springtomize is way better but cost
  • TinyBar (Repo – – makes your status bar tiny
  • TranslucentMessages – changes the background of the messages app to a beautiful translucent background.
  • LockHTML 4 (Repo – – customize the features of your lockscreen.
  • BatteryStatusBar – thin statusbar battery level indicator. Changes colors as the battery get lower and with ColorFlow.
  • CleanSheets 2 – changes the style of action sheets.
  • ColorBadges – changes the color of your badge to match the color of each app icon.
  • ColorBanners 2 – changes the color of your notification banners to match the color of each app icon.
  • ColorFlow 3 – changes the colors of the music player to match the album art of that song. (one of my favorites)
  • Cream 2 – change the color of each CC toggle.
  • DarkMessages – turns your messages app to dark mode.
  • Eclipse 4 – system wide dark/night mode
  • HideMeX – hide any feature in iOS, like the status bar.
  • iWidgets – adds widgets to the homescreen.
  • LockMusic – a better lockscreen music UI.
  • LS EW.Battery_IS1 (Repo – – a LockHTML widget that displays charging/not charging and battery % on your lockscreen.
  • Mitsuha – adds waves effects to the music playing in Spotify. Claims it works in the iOS music app as well but never has for me.
  • Noctis – Dark mode for CC, Notifications, widgets, and more. Works with Eclipse.

Annoyance Fixers

  • StatusVolX (Repo – – remove the annoying volume popup in the middle of the screen and replaces it with a small toggle in the status bar instead. Pre iOS10 tweak was StatusHud2.
  • PandoraSkips – Unlimited skips on pandora for free.
  • Swipe2KillAll (Repo – – kill all apps running with the swipe up of the home screen while on the app switcher instead of swiping away each app 1 by 1.
  • Date In Statusbar (Repo – – add the date in the statusbar.
  • DismissProgress – dismiss Cydia’s installation window without respringing or closing Cydia.
  • MultiIconMover+ – select multiple icons or folders to move to different pages at once.
  • NoMoreFBStories – get rid of the swipe right feature on facebook and stories.


  • SwipeSelection – swipe the keyboard left or right to navigate through your text instead of tapping and holding down to go back and correct something. Much like the android swipe option but much faster and more smooth.
  • FlipControlCenter – Customize your control center to add additional actions like respring, battery saver mode, and settings. Much like the previous, CCToggles.
  • PowerTap – after holding down the power button to shut down, you can tap the screen to change from shut down to respring or reboot.
  • Memento (Repo – – gives you different options when taking a screen shot like “save” or “share” photo so you don’t have to put the photo in your camera roll, if you don’t want.
  • TapticKeys (Repo – – enable the taptic feedback while typing, much like the vibration on android.
  • iOS 10.2 emojis on 10.1.1 – Title says it all. No more little ? when you see an emoji you don’t have. Instructions here –
  • BrowserChanger10 – allows you to set any favorite browser to the default browser when opening links on ios.
  • DoubleCut – allows you to auto insert text by double/triple/longpress a key. I use double tap @ to auto insert my email.
  • Horsehoe – combines the control center into 1 page.
  • Moveable9 – Arrange the statusbar icons how you want.
  • NotifyMusic – shows a notification banner when a song changes.


  • CertRemainTime – allows you to monitor the time left on your jailbreak certificate (iOS 10+)
  • Filza File Manager – much like accessing the file system of your computer in the C:, you can edit and view the files inside your iDevice. Previously this was done through iFile, which does still work on iOS10 but I don’t think Saurik is supporting it. I actually deleted iFile after using this because its better.
  • iCleaner Pro (Repo – – clean up and optimize your device by deleting old files that slow down your device.
  • MTerminal – command prompt for your iDevice. A must needed tweak for those needing to fix any errors when jailbreaking like I did.
  • PreferenceOrganizer 2 (Repo – – customize your app settings menu to organize into separate categories so you don’t have to scroll for days to find a setting. (Settings sometimes crashes when switching back and forth with the app switcher)
  • App Admin – downgrade appstore apps to previous version, hide updates for certain apps.
  • Cydown (Repo – – much like App Admin, you can downgrade cydia tweaks, queue multiple for download, and a lot more.
  • Ext3nder (Repo – – auto resign yalu & mach_portal

Mikoto (Repo – – Disable system settings like software updates. Allows you to block ads and play audio while YouTube is minimized (YouTubed worked for iOS9). Change status bar features like adding custom text or date.

Kodi (Watch this video on how to install) – watch any TV show or movie on your iDevice. (Haven’t been able to make it cast to Chrome as of yet. Not sure if there is a fix for that.) I also recommend getting this for you computer.


Stopped at NoWallpaperGray. Will continue this list later.



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